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Denim Kimono Jacket: Styled Three Ways


How many times have you seen a fashion bloggers desk, or coffee table and the famous book “How to Dress Parisien?” stands off the table, atop of Tom Ford, Chanel and many other covetable hard book fashion bibles? The point is, we all want the chic, trendy and zoh fabulous look of the French! So my question is, if I wear clothes by French brands…am I half way to trendy Parisien style? When I found this beautiful Denim jacket by Maje in the Summer Sale, it got me a stone throw away from Paris.A summer classic and staple is and…

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Fashion Basics: The Brilliant White Blazer


You know that totally smug look that creeps onto your face when deep down inside you know you are right about something…and your face can’t hold back? Kind of like the Grinch who stole Christmas? The big grin across his face. Well I had that look plastered across my face a few weeks ago when perusing some of the high street chains on Oxford Street. Store after store had blazers in a variety of colours. Pink, Yellow, Printed Orange…a variety that could rival an ice cream shop. I have been a huge fan of Blazers to dress up and dress…

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Searching for the Stars in Sequins


I like plain basic clothing. A basic white or black t-shirt, with a comfortable pair of jeans; A loose-fit slip on pair of trousers with an over-sized shirt. But every once in a while, I like to flirt with colours, prints and patterns. There’s this thing I have about stars. I’m from Kenya and one of my favourite things about home is looking at the stars when you’re sitting on the soft white sands on Diani Beach with the sound of the waves splashing against the beach. You can’t miss a star… the night sky is speckled with them and…

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Wasted on the Rooftop of Selfridges


I stumbled bottle in hand through the fire exit to the rooftop of my fashion favourite store, Selfridges, cue theme music, back up dancers…oh hello musical number. It would make for a great start to a movie, right? Instead of Chicago, they can call it London. But that isn’t what this is all about. Late last year on a quiet Friday night, where I had promised myself an early night so that I could make it to the 9am Spin Class on Saturday, I flicked through the various docu-series on Netflix. I was going to watch an episode of something…

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Thunder Thighs & The Playsuit


I’ve always wondered what goes through a persons mind when they name call and bully another person. Does it validate something in that person’s life? Either way, it’s down right horrible, and a true reflection of that persons character, and not your own. I was about 10 years old in Prep School when I remember a ruffled hair, blue-eyed boy in my class turn around and call me “Thunder Thighs!” I wasn’t fat or large, just one of the taller girls in my class and remember being very upset. Thinking about this the other day… had me in giggles! THUNDER…

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One Night in Luxury: Finch Hattons, Kenya


I am convinced that anyone who visits Kenya and experiences all that it has to offer will fall in love and forever be tied to its wild, charming and endearing spell. This isn’t a blanket statement, but one that stems from the rich history of Kenya when Denys Finch Hatton, a legendary British aristocrat visited Kenya in 1911 and left his heart in the wild. He fell in love with Kenya and its wildlife, became a famous photographer and conservationist, and introduced the British Royalty and business tycoons to experience the magic of Kenya with his luxury safaris. While I…

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Colour Blocking & Coffee Shops


I’ve always been in awe of the ladies who can mix and match colour combinations and styles together without a worry in the world. Say ankle socks with sandals. Striped t-shirts under pinafore dresses. Bright blue and Sea green…pink and yellow. Ok, so pink and yellow reminds me of the well-toned, gym-honed legs of Big Bird from Sesame Street. But clearly, what would I know about colour blocking and colour clashing when my comfort zone rarely ventures out of black, navy, white, beige and grey! Spring Summer 2017 is all about the colour clash- Balenciaga, Givenchy, Celine, and Topshop Unique…

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Experiencing the Wild: Mara River Camp


We travel to discover new places, new cities, new food, new adventures and new cultures…it’s all about creating new memories and expanding what we already know, with new information and experiences. All of this sometimes comes with the joy of staying in hotels, and not having to worry about a thing. Getting into fresh linen beds, with poufy pillows and tiny chocolates on the pillows after a day of soul searching and complete relaxation. If you’ve read my post on Magic in the Maasai Mara, then you know all about the escape for some soul searching, and experiencing the wild,…

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Kee-Mo-No Kash: The Kimono


Last week it had been coming down like buckets, like the heavens opened and decided that 48 hours of non stop rain at the end of May, is exactly what the good fine people of London, reeeee-alllly needed. This week the sun is shining and the weather is bright and beautiful. If there is anything to deter shoppers from hitting the high street, you would think torrential rain would be it. Come rain, snow or sunshine, central London is always a shopper’s paradise. One cold rainy evening a week ago, Oxford Street was buzzing, and I zipped in between sauntering…

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Cold Shoulders & Summer Espadrilles


The shoulder is not just a part of your upper arm, it’s also the very essence of sex appeal and femininity in a woman. Looking back at the history of fashion, the off shoulder trend has been making a mark for centuries to come. The puffy sleeved, billowing off-shoulder ball gowns of the 17th century to the floral cropped tunic versions in the 1970’s and ever since, it’s been appearing in style every fashion season. The variety in the amount of collarbone to off shoulder trend seems to re-surface season after season. This spring summer it’s all about the slit…