About Me

Taking the step to start my blog Kash & Fashion has been one of my biggest challenges. Over the years I have accumulated a closet (ok more than one closet) of fashion trends past, clothes with tags still on, never been worn shoes, and drawers full of outfits I purchased a size down with the dream that “one day I would fit into that dress or those jeans”, and despite not being able to wear most of these loved items, my intense love for fashion has never wavered. Endless hours walking through Selfridges & Harrods (the best form of exercise in my opinion), hours distracted on Pinterest, online browsing and wish listing (okay and shopping!) and chats with my close friends and family about all things fashion, has come down to this.

It’s taken some time to change my attitude and frame of mind towards my mind, body, and soul (Namaste!), and I now have a different perspective on fashion and the part it plays in my life. Despite my fluctuating weight, years of yo-yo dieting, ridiculous hours spent at the gym, I wake up every morning with the determination to be the best version of myself. There has to be a balance in life and I no longer strive to be perfect, because it doesn’t exist, its unattainable and frankly, leads to a constant cycle of feeling like you’re not good enough. Those expectations have been thrown out the window and when I put on an outfit, I own it, and walk out my door with confidence. The goal is to live a positive and healthy life, and not focus so much on the numbers on the scale and clothing tags (not even the price…just kidding), but be comfortable and happy in what you are wearing.

When it comes to Fashion and all things related, fit and comfort are my number one priority, so instead of waiting to squeeze into those jeans, my fashion blog is about my style as I work towards a healthier body- a skin I’m comfortable and happy in. We should celebrate individuality and not be ashamed or embarrassed of it, you need to be comfortable in your own skin, and that’s all that matters.

Kashika x