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The Beauty to My Beast


I was sat at the dining table in despair. An unplanned quiet Friday night. A few weeks prior to this I had been watching Bridget Jones and drawing unwanted parallels. The Friday before I was having dinner with one of my best friends and her fiancé. How did life do such a 180 turn around? I was relieved to have my sister back in town and after a day of unpacking her things and settling her back home we found ourselves wondering what to do. I write this with the theme tune to one of my favourite Disney movies on…

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Starting from Scratch!


There will be a few times in life when all your instincts, the deep corners of your gut, will tell you to do something that defies logic, upheaves all your plans and may even seem crazy to others. When it happens, like it recently did in my life, you listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. You ignore the logic, the odds, and the complications and go for it. Life and Love is a Rollercoaster. I must have been around thirteen or fourteen years old when I was bopping around to Aaliyah’s “Try Again” with a red and white…

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Deep Meaningful Chats & Chai


Tea! So much revolves around a great cup of Tea. Growing up, a cup of tea marked the beginning and the end of a day. My parents would wake up and the first thing they did was have a cup of tea. There was no use asking pertinent questions until either one of them had enjoyed a nice hot steaming cup of chai as soon as their eyelids opened, or when they got home from work. In my family, I am known for having terribly epic timing when it comes to asking serious questions about various matters. Making sure my…