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Making it happen for M.Gemi


I have this weakness for pointed flats. There, I said it. I have friends who have amazing collections of high heels by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Prada, YSL, the list goes on…but I’m a collector of beautiful comfortable flat shoes. Mainly because I live in London and haven’t mastered the Carrie Bradshaw walk around the city in heels look, or maybe because I sometimes look like a baby gazelle trying to walk for the first time! I learnt the hard way, that when they aren’t made of leather, your toes have little chance of surviving the day, but when you…

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Arigato Axel Arigato!


Over a decade of living in the UK, I think I have finally found my go to all year round shoes. I have gone through countless winters wearing flat shoes, to the dismay of my nearest and dearest. Call it the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect pair of boots, but that’s for another post. Sneakers, specifically Axel Arigato sneakers! Yes, that’s right, the rubber sole has really made a massive comeback. Now I might be late to the Sneaker party, but maybe I hadn’t found the perfect pair. All the big brands have introduced sneakers into their lines,…

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Stepping into Spring in a Maxi Dress


I spent the morning staring out at grey clouds, two birds hopping across the grass in the garden, and my toes tucked under the radiator against the wall. Deep down inside I was willing the flowers to start blooming, the rain to stop and for brighter, sunnier, and warmer days to be upon us. Spring where are you? Lo and behold last week started with sunshine and warmth. It’s still the early days of Spring where it’s not quite warm enough to leave the house without a light coat or warm cardigan, but you’re dying to wear blush nudes, maxi…

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Louis Vuitton Meets Anya Hindmarch


Louis Vuitton meets Anya Hindmarch in a new exciting way in my handbag collection. I love both the brands individually, but never thought of combining the two into one special handbag…until now! The luxury handbag market has grown at such a rapid rate, and styles and trends are forever changing. It’s sometimes hard to keep up. First you covet handbags covered in monograms and logos; then the trends change to simple classic designs, with barely seen logos, radiating understated luxury. Whatever your preference, you can personalise and dress up your handbags with accessories for your accessories. Bag charms, stickers, twilly’s and…

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Crazy for Cashmere Sweaters


My absolute favourite material in the world is cashmere and I am crazy for cashmere sweaters. I’m a complete sucker for it, whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. If I see cashmere, my shopping radar is on and any form of restraint flies straight out the window. I love how soft and delicate cashmere sweaters feels against your skin and the amount of warmth that comes from such a light fabric. The best part about cashmere sweaters is how well you can layer it in the Winter, but still wear it in Spring. The obsession began when I would borrow…