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Wasted on the Rooftop of Selfridges


I stumbled bottle in hand through the fire exit to the rooftop of my fashion favourite store, Selfridges, cue theme music, back up dancers…oh hello musical number. It would make for a great start to a movie, right? Instead of Chicago, they can call it London. But that isn’t what this is all about. Late last year on a quiet Friday night, where I had promised myself an early night so that I could make it to the 9am Spin Class on Saturday, I flicked through the various docu-series on Netflix. I was going to watch an episode of something…

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Colour Blocking & Coffee Shops


I’ve always been in awe of the ladies who can mix and match colour combinations and styles together without a worry in the world. Say ankle socks with sandals. Striped t-shirts under pinafore dresses. Bright blue and Sea green…pink and yellow. Ok, so pink and yellow reminds me of the well-toned, gym-honed legs of Big Bird from Sesame Street. But clearly, what would I know about colour blocking and colour clashing when my comfort zone rarely ventures out of black, navy, white, beige and grey! Spring Summer 2017 is all about the colour clash- Balenciaga, Givenchy, Celine, and Topshop Unique…

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Spice Up Your Kitchen!


I could kick off this post singing (more like wailing) to the lyrics of the Spice Girls “Spice up your Life” or maybe delve into what spice would represent each of the spice girls, but really this post is all about Spices! The recent de-cluttering and minimalizing in my life has really taken off at road runner speed, and somehow…has made its way into my Kitchen. I love the kitchen; it’s one of my favourite rooms in a Home. It’s where delicious meals are whipped up, and when you have an island in your kitchen, it’s where everyone comes together…