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Gingham Style & the Maasai Shuka Blanket


I’ve been channelling various characters from the Wizard of Oz lately. From sporting the scarecrows short blonde locks, and recently, Dorothy’s pinafore checks. My excitement was through the roof when I first picked up this Gingham red and white checked dress. The loose fit over the body and arms was a floaty dream come true. I was eagerly talking about this new purchase with two of my nearest and dearest friends. Harping away, preaching, monologuing on about how it had been a while since I had worn checks, and had never really been a fan of the trend. This time,…

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One Night in Luxury: Finch Hattons, Kenya


I am convinced that anyone who visits Kenya and experiences all that it has to offer will fall in love and forever be tied to its wild, charming and endearing spell. This isn’t a blanket statement, but one that stems from the rich history of Kenya when Denys Finch Hatton, a legendary British aristocrat visited Kenya in 1911 and left his heart in the wild. He fell in love with Kenya and its wildlife, became a famous photographer and conservationist, and introduced the British Royalty and business tycoons to experience the magic of Kenya with his luxury safaris. While I…

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Experiencing the Wild: Mara River Camp


We travel to discover new places, new cities, new food, new adventures and new cultures…it’s all about creating new memories and expanding what we already know, with new information and experiences. All of this sometimes comes with the joy of staying in hotels, and not having to worry about a thing. Getting into fresh linen beds, with poufy pillows and tiny chocolates on the pillows after a day of soul searching and complete relaxation. If you’ve read my post on Magic in the Maasai Mara, then you know all about the escape for some soul searching, and experiencing the wild,…

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Magic in the Maasai Mara


There are two places in the world where I tend to zone out and find my inner peace. One is at the beach; sun, sand and the sound of the waves. The second is in the WILD. Growing up in Kenya, one of my favourite escapes was to the Maasai Mara reserve. Known around the world for its abundance of game from Lions, Elephants, Gazelles, Zebras, Leopards and Cheetahs (if you’re patient and lucky on a game drive) and so much more. For myself, it’s the quiet and serenity -waking up to the sounds of Lions grunting in the far…

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48 Hours in Nairobi, Kenya


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when one of my close friends told me, albeit last minute, she was planning a quick trip down to Nairobi to visit while I was on my life hiatus. Having visited before, I was looking forward to chilling out and catching up and spending some quality time together, however, her husband who had never been to Kenya, let alone Africa, was coming with. It was imperative we showed him the best of what the beautiful country of Kenya and the vibrant city of Nairobi has to offer. The only thing…

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Packing for a Party


There’s nothing like the excitement that builds up before a trip, until you have to do the packing. I had my suitcase by my bed for 6 days and clothes piled up high on my chest ready to put them in, but the weather on my IPhone was playing games with me. Cruel tormenting type of games…like is it going to be sunny, should I pack sandals, or maybe I need a coat and boots…WHAT DOES 80% HUMIDITY MEAN??? The week before it had showed single digit temperatures and rain so my knitwear and boots were out, the week of…