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All the views and opinions mentioned on KashAndFashion are my own (Kashika Sharma). They are mentioned and documented for enjoyment, information, insight and reviewing purposes only. They are not intended to hurt, persuade or insult. I do not wish to insult or offend anyone by what I write; I am simply offering my review and opinion on particular products, style, fashion and trends and how they relate to me. Everyone is entitled to have opinions and these are my own opinions.


I write all my own posts and reviews. Any posts written by someone, other than myself, will be labelled as a Guest Author & Post.


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The entire reason I started this blog is to create trustworthy and reliable fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle information for all my readers. I will never be incentivised or paid to review and speak positively about a product if I do not agree, and you will never find a review affected by compensation. I will always be honest with my readers and want them to trust what I am saying is coming from an honest place. I will always offer constructive advice and opinions and when I dislike something, I will say so. I will always feature, talk and review products and places I believe in, and really like, and will not talk about things I dislike.


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