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Experiencing the Wild: Mara River Camp


We travel to discover new places, new cities, new food, new adventures and new cultures…it’s all about creating new memories and expanding what we already know, with new information and experiences. All of this sometimes comes with the joy of staying in hotels, and not having to worry about a thing. Getting into fresh linen beds, with poufy pillows and tiny chocolates on the pillows after a day of soul searching and complete relaxation. If you’ve read my post on Magic in the Maasai Mara, then you know all about the escape for some soul searching, and experiencing the wild,…

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Kee-Mo-No Kash: The Kimono


Last week it had been coming down like buckets, like the heavens opened and decided that 48 hours of non stop rain at the end of May, is exactly what the good fine people of London, reeeee-alllly needed. This week the sun is shining and the weather is bright and beautiful. If there is anything to deter shoppers from hitting the high street, you would think torrential rain would be it. Come rain, snow or sunshine, central London is always a shopper’s paradise. One cold rainy evening a week ago, Oxford Street was buzzing, and I zipped in between sauntering…

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Cold Shoulders & Summer Espadrilles


The shoulder is not just a part of your upper arm, it’s also the very essence of sex appeal and femininity in a woman. Looking back at the history of fashion, the off shoulder trend has been making a mark for centuries to come. The puffy sleeved, billowing off-shoulder ball gowns of the 17th century to the floral cropped tunic versions in the 1970’s and ever since, it’s been appearing in style every fashion season. The variety in the amount of collarbone to off shoulder trend seems to re-surface season after season. This spring summer it’s all about the slit…

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Magic in the Maasai Mara


There are two places in the world where I tend to zone out and find my inner peace. One is at the beach; sun, sand and the sound of the waves. The second is in the WILD. Growing up in Kenya, one of my favourite escapes was to the Maasai Mara reserve. Known around the world for its abundance of game from Lions, Elephants, Gazelles, Zebras, Leopards and Cheetahs (if you’re patient and lucky on a game drive) and so much more. For myself, it’s the quiet and serenity -waking up to the sounds of Lions grunting in the far…

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Pottering about in Paisie


When I was younger I went through a phase. Let’s just call it the fat phase, where I suddenly piled on the pounds. It was a real blow to my confidence and in turn my love for fashion wavered. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world when you want to wear a particular outfit, but your body just isn’t having it. You can pull, tug and hold your breath till you turn blue in the face; those jeans aren’t going to happen today. Or tomorrow. Until you zip your mouth and hit the gym. To counter the sudden…

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The Beauty to My Beast


I was sat at the dining table in despair. An unplanned quiet Friday night. A few weeks prior to this I had been watching Bridget Jones and drawing unwanted parallels. The Friday before I was having dinner with one of my best friends and her fiancé. How did life do such a 180 turn around? I was relieved to have my sister back in town and after a day of unpacking her things and settling her back home we found ourselves wondering what to do. I write this with the theme tune to one of my favourite Disney movies on…

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Florals, Capes & Kimonos


A few years ago I was window-shopping with one of my best friends when I picked up another sparkly sequin jacket. She looked over at me and insisted I had enough. Sequins were not going to be in fashion forever. I disagreed. Fashion trends come and go…and always, somehow, come back. Reinvented, brighter, softer, sharper, and edgier, with oomph, glam and bejazz. I preached it as though I was conducting a powerful sermon on a Sunday morning. I’m pretty sure I even ended it with an Amen too. Channelling my Mother, I very recently turned around and said those four…

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Slogan T-Shirts & Fluffy Feet


Board games are meant to be fun…until you decide to play Monopoly. The one board game that can make and break relationships. Everyone is a master realtor when this board game comes out. About fifteen years ago, my family and I were sitting around the table for a game of Monopoly. It was going to be one of those long drawn out Sundays, until the football came on and my grandfather would hand over his winnings to my sister and the game would be over, just as the whistle was blown for kick off on the pitch. She would be left…

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48 Hours in Nairobi, Kenya


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when one of my close friends told me, albeit last minute, she was planning a quick trip down to Nairobi to visit while I was on my life hiatus. Having visited before, I was looking forward to chilling out and catching up and spending some quality time together, however, her husband who had never been to Kenya, let alone Africa, was coming with. It was imperative we showed him the best of what the beautiful country of Kenya and the vibrant city of Nairobi has to offer. The only thing…

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Skincare Rituals


A ritual is a ceremony that consists of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. We often have “Rituals” for different aspects of our lives. It can be how you go about your day, the order in which you perform your daily responsibilities, or apply and remove your makeup. It can all come down to the general tender loving care you apply when looking after your skin, with various beauty routines. Each ritual can be very different. One of the best feelings in the world, after a long day, is slipping into fresh bed linen after a…