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How to Organise your MAC Lipsticks!


I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been half way out the door and I remember I’ve forgotten to put on some lipstick. I scurry back up the stairs and dash to my dresser where in perfectly organised Muji boxes, I’ve categorised and organised my makeup. These boxes are a dream for any makeup lover who has countless blushers, eye shadows, brushes, lipsticks…you name it! It’s always at this point that I wonder why MAC don’t have their beautiful black lipstick cases in the shade of the colour they house. Remember Giambattista Valli’s adorable 5-piece collection? Well,…

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Stepping into Spring in a Maxi Dress


I spent the morning staring out at grey clouds, two birds hopping across the grass in the garden, and my toes tucked under the radiator against the wall. Deep down inside I was willing the flowers to start blooming, the rain to stop and for brighter, sunnier, and warmer days to be upon us. Spring where are you? Lo and behold last week started with sunshine and warmth. It’s still the early days of Spring where it’s not quite warm enough to leave the house without a light coat or warm cardigan, but you’re dying to wear blush nudes, maxi…

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Starting from Scratch!


There will be a few times in life when all your instincts, the deep corners of your gut, will tell you to do something that defies logic, upheaves all your plans and may even seem crazy to others. When it happens, like it recently did in my life, you listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. You ignore the logic, the odds, and the complications and go for it. Life and Love is a Rollercoaster. I must have been around thirteen or fourteen years old when I was bopping around to Aaliyah’s “Try Again” with a red and white…

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Deep Meaningful Chats & Chai


Tea! So much revolves around a great cup of Tea. Growing up, a cup of tea marked the beginning and the end of a day. My parents would wake up and the first thing they did was have a cup of tea. There was no use asking pertinent questions until either one of them had enjoyed a nice hot steaming cup of chai as soon as their eyelids opened, or when they got home from work. In my family, I am known for having terribly epic timing when it comes to asking serious questions about various matters. Making sure my…

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Packing for a Party


There’s nothing like the excitement that builds up before a trip, until you have to do the packing. I had my suitcase by my bed for 6 days and clothes piled up high on my chest ready to put them in, but the weather on my IPhone was playing games with me. Cruel tormenting type of games…like is it going to be sunny, should I pack sandals, or maybe I need a coat and boots…WHAT DOES 80% HUMIDITY MEAN??? The week before it had showed single digit temperatures and rain so my knitwear and boots were out, the week of…

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Pretty with Pixie


There is no better feeling than going to bed with a face that feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I can’t say I’ve experienced this feeling before using Pixi products, but I can definitely say it now. A few months ago a dear friend came to visit me in London and the number one shopping item on her agenda was finding the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Pixi Glow Tonic. She has beautiful flawless skin, so I wondered if this little miracle in a pot would make a difference to a face like mine. After a few testers from…

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Moroccan Oil Madness


I step out the shower and towel-dry my hair. I try to do my best mermaid hair flick which results in my “drowned rat, hair down my face” look, before rolling it up like a Thai spring roll in a smaller softer towel. Once dry, you hope and pray your hair will remain as luscious as it does in this moment for at least a few days before the cycle repeats. Sounds familiar right? For most of my life I have had long hair apart from the rogue moment my Dad took my sister and I to the hairdresser and…

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Louis Vuitton Meets Anya Hindmarch


Louis Vuitton meets Anya Hindmarch in a new exciting way in my handbag collection. I love both the brands individually, but never thought of combining the two into one special handbag…until now! The luxury handbag market has grown at such a rapid rate, and styles and trends are forever changing. It’s sometimes hard to keep up. First you covet handbags covered in monograms and logos; then the trends change to simple classic designs, with barely seen logos, radiating understated luxury. Whatever your preference, you can personalise and dress up your handbags with accessories for your accessories. Bag charms, stickers, twilly’s and…

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Crazy for Cashmere Sweaters


My absolute favourite material in the world is cashmere and I am crazy for cashmere sweaters. I’m a complete sucker for it, whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. If I see cashmere, my shopping radar is on and any form of restraint flies straight out the window. I love how soft and delicate cashmere sweaters feels against your skin and the amount of warmth that comes from such a light fabric. The best part about cashmere sweaters is how well you can layer it in the Winter, but still wear it in Spring. The obsession began when I would borrow…