I spent the morning staring out at grey clouds, two birds hopping across the grass in the garden, and my toes tucked under the radiator against the wall. Deep down inside I was willing the flowers to start blooming, the rain to stop and for brighter, sunnier, and warmer days to be upon us. Spring where are you? Lo and behold last week started with sunshine and warmth. It’s still the early days of Spring where it’s not quite warm enough to leave the house without a light coat or warm cardigan, but you’re dying to wear blush nudes, maxi dresses and sandals. At least I was. Despite the rain this past weekend, it was time to take out the dresses I have been dying to wear. I can’t deal with the emotional weather rollercoaster anymore.

This throwback post of mine takes me to a memory of last Spring and one of my favourite days of the week- Sunday! I had been waiting for a dry day to wear this blush nude maxi dress with sandals, but the bite in the air required my oversized maxi cashmere jumper. I had purchased this nude maxi dress in autumn and had been patiently waiting for the right moment to wear it. I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I got ready to meet one of my Best Friends for our regular Sunday catch up. I walked down to the tube like the pavement was my private runway; with my maxi dress billowing in the wind, and my hair flying around like a L’Oreal advert. Nothing could stop my “Who Runs the World?” moment…or so I thought!

Hopping onto the tube, I had my headphones in bopping to the sounds of the Top 50 on Spotify. There was nothing that could ruin the good mood I was in. A gust of wind blew upwards in the tunnel blowing my maxi dress and hair into overdrive. It was a quick and sudden distraction from the various poster adverts that line the escalators in many of the tube stations. Between squinting my eyes to read the dates and times for Aladdin the Musical, my hair slapped over my eyes blocking any vision. My balance went off kilter as I hung on for dear life to the moving railing and that’s all it took.

Within seconds my dress was sucked into the side of the moving stairs and I was trapped. It was all over! Either the jaws of the escalator were going to suck my dress off my body and into the escalator and I would be found in a horrifying naked slump at the bottom of the escalator, or I would cause quite the traffic jam at the bottom of the escalator. I peeked behind me to see who would witness this disaster of a situation. Far too many people than I would have liked. Darn.

I had seconds to decide what to do, weighing the options over and over like trading stocks. Yank, my never been worn before dress from the clutches of the escalator, or give up all hope and give myself over to the tightly clenched teeth of the escalator stairs and accept my fate. I decided to go with a gentle tug. A desperate bunching of the remaining dress around my knees and another hopeful tug, praying it would gently release my dress. That’s when I heard it. The loud sound of a rip and tear just as the escalator flattened out. I knew it before I could see it. Standing at the bottom I turned around to witness the destruction of my dress. Patches of black oil scattered across the bottom of my maxi dress like the stripes on a zebra. My dress had just about survived the ordeal with three massive tears across the fabric. I on the other hand, was shaken up like a ruffled turkey on Thanksgiving!

My heart sunk, knowing this would be the first and last time I would get to wear this perfect spring blush nude maxi dress. Maybe I should have worn it on Christmas Eve with an oversized jumper, or worn it to brunch on a cold winter Saturday in November. But NO, I had waited till this particular day in spring to wear it. Lesson learnt- wear it as soon as you can. I gathered whatever dignity I had left, ripped and ruined dress, and carried on to brunch.

I ascended the escalator at my destination with caution, ignored all signs of standing to the right and firmly stood in the middle of the escalator till I reached the top. Thankfully there was no one behind me. The ordeal was kept firmly in the past as I exited the tube to bright sunshine and a light breeze. Nothing, not even a ruined dress, was going to ruin my sunny Sunday mood. Off to brunch and quality catch up time made the day one of the best days of spring…and at least I got my brief runway moment on the pavement. Happy Spring Lovelies!